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Established in 2011, Radiant Sun Press is a small independent publishing company
located on the NSW South Coast.

Radiant Sun Press is dedicated to supporting local writers to publish their creative works.
Publishing support includes assistance with overall production, editing, design,
typesetting, printing, distribution and promotion.

Get in touch with Catherine if you have a written work that you would like to see in print.


Beachcraft: poems and reflections

Beachcraft is a profound collection by South Coast poet Brian Holmes published in May 2011.

Beachcraft is a dream fabricated from a romantic interlude with nature’s tender touch.
The tide floods forth upon the sand and with it the journey of life flows.
Dreams are crafted from the mere space between darkness and light.

At the age of ten Brian suffered a viral infection that severely damaged his sight,
hearing and balance. When words and communication are so important in our society,
Brian’s inability to communicate on a standard social level is an ultimately frustrating
part of his life.

Beachcraft allows Brian’s inner voice to be heard. His words are his melody within,
his soul song and his life dance. Just as the musician composes music to furnish a
burning and a yearning inside, so too do Brian’s words within stream to the surface of
conscious thought to find a way into the greater world.

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The beautiful design for Beachcraft was created by Amanda from South Coast company
- Poppen Designs.

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Soulshine by Brian Holmes

hand over hand he feels his way across the universe

feeling for the rim

knowing the songs of the soul

touching the landscapes

running gentle fingers over forest and through ravine

understanding the ebb and flow of time

casting stones upon the pond and counting the ripples before they are lost in the distance

feet on the ground

mind transient

constantly travelling the poetry of another day

lost to the horizon

spirit wings soar

his mind outstrips the mere physical and slides beyond dilated pupils

enhancing nature’s spell

stroking the earth

the trees

each blade of grass

each rocky precipice

each granule of timeless sand

not here nor there

a whisper in the wind



between worlds

interpreting the magic and mythology

walking the dreamscapes

melting into mind spaces

merging with the soulshine