Sea Heart Seeds

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Heart Seeds have been my fascination, passion and nature symbol for decades.  I have worn a heart seed whenever I have travelled for the last 30 years. I have collected hundreds of sea heart seeds on beaches over the years.  I have shared many of them as sacred symbols with friends, family and retreat participants.

Sea Heart Seeds come from Entada sp. vines that grow in tropical rain forests around the world. The seeds grow in long pods that drop their seeds into waterways, such as the Amazon River, which carry them out to sea.  The seeds can float in ocean currents for years before washing up on foreign beaches, perhaps thousands of miles from their origin.  Most incredibly, they are often still able to germinate when they find the right conditions of mud and freshwater.

sea heart seed qld     sea heart in hand

Entada seeds are revered worldwide as good luck charms and are often worn as an amulet or talisman.  To find, to be given and to carry a heart seed is considered a great fortune.  They are believed to bring blessings and connection to Mother Earth.  For centuries they have been seen as symbols of good fortune, longevity, endurance, fertility and new life. They bond souls over distance, time and space.

They are also known as Beach Beans, Lucky Beans, Travellers Seeds and Matchbox Seeds.

heart seed collection

What draws me to Heart Seeds?heart seeds chilli beach qld

They are SEEDS – the source of all life.  They represent all life, they store the creative potential for life, indefinitely. They are so small but they can grow into big awesome vines. They are magic beans, holding the genetic and energetic source material for new life.

They are source-creation-feminine creative energy.
Potent.  Latent.  Waiting.  Patient.

They remind me of our connectedness to all within the earth and universe. They are the symbol of everything! to me.  They represent the spirit of nature, the spiritual aspects of all the elements, as well as their physical aspects of seeds as the source of all life and creation and miracles.  They are power, energy and magic.

The heart seed symbolises all the sacred energies of the elements:   

  • earth the soil that supports and nourishes it, the plant that is it
  • water the rain that nurtures it, and the rivers and oceans that carry it
  • fire the sun that energises it, the little power pack of energy that is it
  • air the wind currents that blow it, the carbon dioxide that grows it, the oxygen it gives
  • ether the space inside it and that contains it
  • spirit the essence that connects it to the universe

sea heart seed in sand

They spread around the world in water.  They are so resilient they can float and survive for years. They can journey on the tides and winds and when they find the right conditions to grow they can put down roots and grow and flourish, and adapt to new places, naturalise.

Like the sacred lotus flower, they need freshwater mud to germinate; their roots grow out of the mud.  This reminds me that we all grow and blossom from murky dark shadowy nurturing places.

They teach me about resilience and endurance, lack of expectation and just being ready for when the right circumstances arise to take root and grow. They teach me to go with the flow, to allow the journey, and when to be grounded in the earth and to grow up into the air towards the sky.

They remind me that like them and all creation I am a perfect miracle.sea heart seed in sand australia

They are heart shaped, they are beautiful hearts, shiny and smooth.  They are remind me to love, from the heart, to come back to my heart centre.  To just be and allow nature and the universe and elemental energies and spirit to support me.

They are silent and have no need to speak. They are just themselves in stillness or journeying.  They carry a message of wisdom.  They are true survivors, sacred life-forces and calls for consciousness from our seas and forests.

They remind me that inside all of us is all the potential of life, of source, of creation – ready and able to germinate and grow and blossom.

With sea hearts in hand the right path is always chosen     – Venezuelan tradition

catherine and heart seeds nth qld  heart seeds entada catherine nth qld

Ocean Rubbish

These seeds were found on the eastern coast of Cape York Nth Qld Australia.  They were carried there from distant rainforests by ocean currents and constant prevailing winds washing them up onto the shoreline 

These photos are taken of the seeds in situ before I touched them. They are scattered and hidden amongst the ocean rubbish, plastics, lids, containers, thongs, toothbrushes, bottles, glass, rope, flotsam and jetsam.

sea rubbish and heart seeds nth qldheart seed washed up on beachsea rubbish and heart seeds nth qldtoothbrush ocean rubbish and heart seed washed up nth qld

sea heart seeds in ocean rubbish on nth qld beach

Check out this video of Clean Coast Collective and Trash Tribe cleaning up some this coastal trash.  You can support their work or join them on a Trash Tribe expedition.


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